Sunday, December 30, 2007

Happy New Year!

I am so glad to see 2007 over with. Looking back, I try to find the good stuff. Mary's horsehead visit in March. That was a riot when she drove more than 16 hours all by herself, through the night from the east coast, showing up wearing a plastic horse head and black cloak and we had no idea who was walking into our house! I finally recognized her hands. They are always cold, and her fingers are very long. When I tried to take off the mask, she grabbed my hands and then I knew immediately it was her. Mothers know who their children are. :-D

The other thing that turned out good in the long run is the hot tub. It was an aggravation with the ordeals I wrote about here in my ongoing saga. (It's still leaking, by the way.) Though it still needs some work, it has been a lifesaver for the joint and muscle pain. It relaxes and makes it so I can fall asleep and sleep most of the night. It's a big seven-seater, has colored lights, 42 jets. I am glad that hubby bought it and put forth such effort to get it going. It has benefited him, too. He has bad knees, carpal tunnel in his wrist and he has an aching back a lot after working all day...walking around the plant he must walk 40 miles a day.

Another good thing is that I lost more than 50 pounds. Not necessarily the way I would have chosen to lose it (having a major medical crisis), but am very happy to be wearing clothes three sizes smaller than I did at this time last year.

2007 wasn't a very good year, medically... with Dad's heart attack and needing a stent put in. Mom finding out she needs medicine for diabetes. Jon developing carpal tunnel in his wrist. Then the development of my gout, then my gallbladder attack, fluid on the lungs crap, and being in the hospital for two weeks, ulcers, etc. Then finding out I have Lupus in addition to Rheumatoid Arthritis, not able to take regular medicines for it because I am asthmatic. Then hurting my back again, and now ending 2007 with Jon having an upper respiratory infection and me with bursitis. Yippee! LOL! All we can do is look at it all with humor. Whatareyagonnado?

But even with this, things could be worse. We are still quite fortunate. Fortunate to have family and friends. Fortunate to live in a nice home and have cars to drive (Even if they stop running now and then, we have the money or credit to repair them.) We have cable, internet, and all kinds of cool stuff. We are warm, we have lots of food to eat, and we have insurance to pay for most of our medical bills. We have good medical care. We are able to get around on our own, not wheelchair bound and no handicap tags for the cars yet! Yes...we are very, very fortunate and must not ever forget the good things to be thankful for. Also thankful to be living in the USA instead of someplace like Darfur.

Hope that 2008 brings a good new President , preferrably an evil liberal Democrat. ;)

Also, hope that 2008 brings better health to everyone, and a lot of good things. Hope 2008 is a better year than 2007 was.

Happy New Year to all my family, friends and loyal readers!

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