Sunday, December 09, 2007

My "artwork"


This is one of my beginner works of "art" that Mary wanted framed for Christmas this year. She wanted this, along with several other things I have done and that have been hiding in portfolios and folders in closets and shelves. I am flattered that she thinks they are good enough to frame. I would have never considered framing them and displaying them for all the world to see, but she thinks they are good enough.Another one I sent is below (these are scans so make them look worse than they are:

But my photography is better. Here is a photo I framed of Mary's cat, Doggie. Doggie is a gorgeous cat, even though she is sort of obnoxious at times. I took this photo when Doggie was staying with us for a couple months while Mary was doing a lot of traveling. She is very pretty when groomed and she smells so nice after being washed in perfumey shampoo.

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