Monday, December 03, 2007

I got all of my holiday cards addressed, notes written and all mailed already. I used to put in a newsletter, but after doing that a couple of years, I realized how impersonal that really was. So now, I had jot a couple of paragraphs to some friends who like to know what has been going on during the past year and asking how they are doing and their kids, etc. taking into consideration the differences of all my friends since they are from all walks of life, and all sorts of beliefs and traditions. One general "blanket" newsletter doesn't do it.

With having so many pen pals, I get holiday cards from all over the world. My penfriends try to send something "cultural" from their country and in their own language...then they translate what it says. The images usually reflect some food, attire, decorations recipes etc. that is native or traditional to their country and area. I usually try to find something from Illinois...Chicago or the Midwest. Even out-of-town/state relatives would love to know more about where we each live.

People in other countries get a big kick out of America's image of the big-fat Santa Claus with his big pot belly and fat, red cheeks and gluttony for cookies and milk. In many of the European and Scandinavian countries, St. Nick is tall, thin and in many countries surrounded by a bunch of black Moor slaves! (Not very "politically correct" in these modern times and I don't think Blacks here in the USA would stand for it.) Like many other things/concepts, peoples' interpretations of Santa are numerous and varied.

Whatever one's beliefs, it's nice to have a time of year to remember friends and family and to catch up with what they are doing and how they are doing. Too bad it's only once a year that we do this with most long-distance family and friends.

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