Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Working at home...Day One

I started my new work-at-home job today and while I don't have the babies crying or kids' butts to wipe, people when they are around and see that I am working feel compelled to talk to me anyway. They know I am working but say, "Hon, where's this" or ask me to look up a phone number or any number of things since it will "only take a minute."

I am making allowances today since our daughter, Mary is in town and we are so happy to see her, but once she leaves people here are going to have to pretend I am not here when they are off when I am not, or if I am working some night hours. It's like this with my writing, too. I am in the middle of a thought and someone comes in and has to ask me where the freakin mayonnaise's IN THE FRIDGE...BEND OVER, MOVE STUFF AND LOOK...which is what I would have to do!

This is going to be an adjustment for all of us. If I was alone for all the hours I work, it would be great, driving, no boss breathing down my neck, and a kitchen full of food and drink...whatever I want...not just a little sack of whatever I bring.

I really do hope this works out.

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