Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Weight loss

Well, I have lost nearly 30 pounds and have about 20 -25 more to go, and the weight seems to be coming down fast now that I am sticking to the 1500 calorie plan, low carb, low sodium, low fat, low sugar diet. I finally went and bought the next size smaller jeans last night and though they were on sale, buy-one-get-one-for-half-price sale, I only bought one pair because I plan to go down another size or two and don't want to spend money on something I won't wear long. Lucky I kept all my slacks and dress pants and pant suits in various sizes because I am fitting into some of them now! All it takes is will power and self-discipline to stick with the plan, don't eat prepared foods, eat out only occasionally and when eating out don't be tempted to get the cheese, sauces and other stuff that is full of fat and sodium. I usually stick with salads, lean hamburgers with no cheese, broiled or baked fish, lean steak and veggies or salad with it. My sister had good advice about avoiding white foods...white foods are potatoes, rice, sugar, bread, biscuits, noodles and pasta, ice cream...etc. These foods should be very limited portions.

My doctor should be very pleased when I go in for my check up next month. :-D


look_an_atheist said...

wooop wooop!!!!

*clapping wildly*

That is an amazing accomplishment and a tribute to your self-control and determination. 1500 is not a lot of calories so I can imagine how carefully you are watching each and every bite.


Stardust said...

laa...thanks! :-D