Thursday, April 26, 2007

Tell me if this sounds deceptive to you

No work at all this week.

I sent the company an email questioning their one day workweek they told me nothing about, and received a vague response which leads me to believe that I could make more money babysitting.

My email:

I am assigned to the XXXXXX project.

This is my first project with XXXXXX, so I am still new and getting used to your scoring schedules and procedures. I have been a bit concerned about the lack of work. I understand that this job is a flexible one, but just wondering if every project was this low on hours with weeks of no work to do?

This is not a complaint, I am just wondering if this is how every project is so I can plan for supplemental income of some sort in addition to XXXXXX.

Company's response:

It varies from project to project. Unfortunately we can’t really predict which projects it will happen on.

Thank you,

Human Resource Assistant
>:- (


look_an_atheist said...

I love the pictures you use on your blog!!!!

My favorite, up until this hilarious baby, has been the poor schlub bashing his head against the keyboard. :-D

Bummer about the lack of work. I would imagine by now you are getting tempted to tell them where to shove their inbox.

Stardust said...

laa, I had exactly one and a half hours of work today after waiting more than a week for work. I will be bitching about this in a post later.