Thursday, April 19, 2007

We bought a hot tub...and I worked today for a change

Well, we got lucky and found a USED hot tub for a fraction of the cost of a new one, and it is like new and similar to the one pictured here. We should call Erkle and tell him that we purchased an Artesian Spa for a fraction of the cost he was selling his crappy ones for. LOL! We don't have to tell him it's used. ;) Hubby was contemplating moving this 1,000 lb thing himself along with whoever else he could round up, but luckily he came to his senses and he found a local hot tub place to move it for us...for a fee, of course. I can't wait to have it installed and working so I can go soak these old bones and sore back after a long day of blogging. LOL!

Seriously, though...I did actually have work today. SHOCK AND SURPRISE! I was supposed to start at 8:OO a.m. when the website message said that the new work was supposed to be ready and waiting. But was it? Of course not. hahaha...that is just too funny to think about that fantasy ever happening!

At 8:15 I still didn't have work in the queue. So, I once again used phone minutes to call Iowa. A person answered and sounded a bit as if she were having a good time. Then when I asked her if there was going to be work to be done today, she said "oh yeah...we just haven't got it all in there yet....keep checking!" WTF? Finally, around 8:45 the work appeared and I got started and put in nine hours. I wanted to keep going but my husband stopped me. Once I get into their site with work, I don't want to let it go. I want to get it while I can!

Anyone want to make any bets how much work will be available tomorrow? It's a long shot.


look_an_atheist said...

aCongrats on the hot tub!!!!! I am turning GREEN with envy. So- did you put it in the corner of your garage or have a spare room in your house done up?

My getting-close-to-retirement- parents would love a hot tub but they aren't sure how much air exchange would need to be installed to help control humidity.



Stardust said...

laa - thanks for stopping by. I checked out your blog and don't think I would have the patience to deal with Dani. LOL!

We are having the hot tub brought from the person we brought it from next week, and we will put it on one side of the garage close to the inside wall. Put down some astroturf, get a garage door screen and voila! We never use the 2.5 car garage for cars anyway...there is a camper in there now, and that will be sold and hubby will have to clean up his crap that's everywhere. We have windows on the garage and are installing a ceiling exhaust fan. The garage actually is a better place for venitlation than if it was actually inside the house itself.

Keep tuned for future stories about the installation process...yes...he's doing it himself like he does everything else. Should be another good one to add to my "collection". LOL!

Anonymous said...

Look an atheist wrote:

Hi Stardust! Sounds like your garage is the perfect place, rather similar to my parents setup with their garage. Good luck with the instillation, I can imagine all kinds of blogging possibilities depending on events. BWHAHA! Hopefully not as bad as the proverbial hanging of wallpaper. (Is that one a regional thing or is that fairly well-known).

May your in-basket be full and your instillation flawless! :-)