Saturday, April 28, 2007

Flower time

Today was a perfectly gorgeous day, the kind of day I wish every day could be like year-round. Upper 70s, sunny and blue skies and breezy. My husband and I made a trek to Menard's today so he could get parts to install the electricity to hook up our hot tub. He is a mechanical/electrical "expert" and has come a long way since earning the nickname "Sparky". He is a maintenance manager at his company, though he still does a lot of hand-on work alongside his employees. He also does all of our home maintenance, refusing to relinquish responsibility to any "outsiders" to do the work. I can imagine "Sparky" being 90-years-old still insisting on doing everything himself. At least we know what we are getting. After the parts come in that he ordered online, and after he installs the electricity, we should soon be able to enjoy the nice, hot bubbly water to soothe our achy, aging joints. I can't wait.

While he was inside shopping for the boring stuff, I went to the garden
center of Menard's and found two very beautiful plants, a yellow Gerbera Daisy, and a pot of red New Guinea Impatients. They both look so pretty outside. Tomorrow I will clean the deck, scrub the patio chairs and get my other pots ready to receive pansies, snapdragons, geraniums, marigolds and whatever else I might find to plant out there. I love flowers. I would have a huge garden of flowers if I could maintain it. We are going to plant a couple of tomato plants, pepper plants, and some green onions, all in pots on the deck. There are too many rabbits around here and we don't feel like trying to rabbit proof a big garden.

Our son, Jeff called this evening to tell me that his fiancee, Whitney ran all 14 miles of the marathon she participated in in Nashville, Tennessee. It was for Teams in Training to raise money for Leukemia and Lymphoma society. Way to go, Whitney! Yaaaaayyy!! This was her first marathon and we are very proud of her going all the way.


wflooter480 said...

Just to clarify, it was 13.1 miles, not 14... And boy I'm glad it was that extra .9 miles--I am hurting today!

Stardust said...

13, was awesome anyway! I couldn't run 13 feet, much less 13 miles! :-D

Hope you stop hurting soon. :-S This was your first marathon, the next one hopefully you won't hurt so much afterwards.