Friday, April 20, 2007

Am I irritated?

You bet I am irritated! I got myself out of bed early though I was up till after 1:00 a.m. and got myself my oatmeal and came into my office and started working. Things were zipping right along, but I wondered if I was only going to get a few hours like I did last Friday.

I was going along at a good pace and then BOING...that crappy pop-up message that says "NO MORE WORK AVAILABLE. CONTACT YOUR SUPERVISOR FOR FURTHER INFORMATION." I got a whole whopping 2.5 hours today. But maybe it was for the best because around the same time I started with the back door trots and stomach cramps. I couldn't figure out what it was from, still don't know what it's from but I feel like crap.

Then what happens? I get the migraine lights in my eyes...the lights before the pain. The lights last for about 15 minutes and then the headache starts slowly and builds. I eventually fell asleep and slept for a couple of hours and had the strangest dream. I dreamt that my Bearded Dragon who is no where near being an amphibian suddenly needed an aquarium full of water or she was going to dry out. I was frantically looking for this tank, and was worried she would die. Then all of a sudden my mother and sister show up at my door with my daughter as a surprise! In these dreams my house never looks like the one I live in in reality. It's always big with lots of dark nooks and special rooms going all over like a maze. I must have dreamed about my mother and sister because I was supposed to go over there this evening for dinner, but the way I was feeling, no way. And they surely don't want or need my germs.

Hubby came home not feeling too well either and headed straight for the bathroom, then he laid down on the couch and slept, and I slept...on this nice sunny, warm pleasant day...we are inside sick and sleepy.

Hopefully tomorrow we will be over it.

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