Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I had the best surprise last night!!!

(my kids are CRAZY and I love them very much!)

My middle son, Jeff called me during the day yesterday and asked if he and his fiancee, Whitney could come over in the evening to visit since they hadn't been over in awhile. I thought it was a bit odd since they had the whole weekend to come over and then decided to come over on a work night. Also, my hubby and I were looking forward to having an evening alone since our oldest son, Jason who "temporarily" moved back in with us had to work late. I dropped several hints about this, but he insisted they really wanted to come by and had a movie to watch with us. Therefore, I didn't want to say no since we don't get to see them a whole lot anymore, and he was so adament about it.

Well, they actually arrived on time, which I didn't think about but I should have thought that was strange too since Jeff rarely arrives at the time he says he is going to. When they got here, they came inside, and they were talking a lot and seemed really happy. Then Jeff, who is a trucker, asked if he could go look in the basement for something for his truck that he left here when he moved out last year, and I said sure (thinking nothing of it since we are everyone's storage facility). Whitney had me distracted looking at stuff she brought with and Jeff appeared again looking like the cat who swallowed the canary. I asked him if he found what he was looking for, and he said no, but that was ok. I told him he wasn't down there long enough to have looked very hard.

Then Whitney, Jeff and I went into the kitchen and I had my back to the doorway and the both of them were laughing like I had a private part hanging out or a booger hanging from my nose. They just laughed harder and harder the more I kept talking, so I figured I better go look in a mirror. I turned around and there was this person standing at the top of the stairs in a horsehead mask exactly like the one in the picture and a black cloak. I was stupified...confused! WTF? Who is this in my house? I first thought it was Jeff's friend Matt. But Matt is taller than this person in this crazy costume. It was weird. The "horse" went over and looked at my husband and he turned and looked at the "horse" and didn't flinch! He looked back at the television and kept watching like nothing unusual was happening! Then the "horse" started making noise...the person inside was trying to make horse noises and sounded more like a gorilla! Then I tried to take the mask off and couldn't get it off and the person was play-slapping back at me...and then the noise the person was making sounded familiar...female...and then I saw the hands MARRRRYYYY! Our daughter, Mary was under that mask! She had driven all through the night Sunday night to get to Jeff and Whitney's and then waited all day at their apartment till they got off work and they brought her over, Jeff (instead of looking for a truck part) sneaked her in through the garage door/then basement door and she came up through the foyer from the basement.

I was so happy I cried. It was the best surprise!!! My kids are too awesome sometimes. I love them so much!

The horse masquerade doesn't end there. They all waited around till Jason got home from work. She went and laid on his bed in the dark with the horse mask and cloak on and when he came in he saw Jeff and Whitney so sat on the love seat to socialize. He usually goes right to his room. I told him then that he had a package on his bed that came in the mail. He had ordered something ONE day ago and wondered how it got here so fast. He turned on the light and thought I had put a plastic horse head in his bed...and didn't get the "joke" not realizing there was a living body laying there. Then she sat up and he backed up a ways and said "who is this person?" and said later that he was totally "weirded out"...and then he pulled off the mask and there was his sister!

Then today, Mary wanted to fool her Grandma and Grandpa (my Mom and Dad), and she initially wanted to go over there herself, and wear the horse get-up. I told her NOOO! You can't go doing that to older people, especially when one of them just had angioplasty for a blocked artery in his heart! He is doing good, so we don't want any surprises to ruin things! So, I drove her over there and she donned the costume while in the van and then she climbed out and walked up the sidewalk. My dad was like "what the heck, it isn't trick or treat yet!" but my Mom who is not easily fooled knew who she was and ran to get her camera.

The dog totally became unglued and started barking and growling at this "monster" coming into the house and finally had to take it off because she was really pissed and she WILL bite! Later, when we were getting ready to leave, Mary once again put the horsehead on and the dog flew off the couch like Cujo and bit at the nose of the mask and then went after Mary's legs!

The funniest part of this whole long story is my husband's reaction...he just looked at the horse mask which was only inches from his face, like so what, big deal...and kept on watching television like it's just another normal occurrence to have a person in a horse costume walk into his house.

What a great week this is so far...and it's only Tuesday! She is staying till Friday and now that I know she drove all through the night from the east coast to get here, and that she will be driving all the way back in one straight shot, I will now worry whereas ignorance was bliss when I didn't know she was coming. But it's all worth it. I have been missing her so much.

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