Sunday, April 01, 2007

Just a few bitchings. . .

Are most men like this, or just mine?

* Why is it that when my hubby is typing something on the computer he does not want to be interrupted and tells me to go away, but it is okay for him to come in and interrupt me whenever I am in the middle of reading or writing something?

* I do not understand what is so hard about putting a new roll of toilet paper on the holder instead of sitting it on the edge of the sink where it can get wet and stuck together. Is it really that hard to put it on the holder?

I found this at
One of our favorite short clips is from the TV series, "Mad About You." Jamie walks in with the toilet roll holder, and a roll of toilet paper. Without saying a word to Paul, she places the roll on the holder and walks off.

Accept that men do not know how to do this. No matter how many times you show them how to replace a roll of toilet paper, husbands will not do it.

There must be a genetic flaw that prevents men from being able to accomplish this task. Here is a little video that shows HOW TO REPLACE A ROLL OF TOILET PAPER

*He talks to me when I am on the telephone, however, if he is on the phone and I try to talk to him, he gets quite irrate about it.

* Why does the television have to be so loud we can hear it outdoors with all the windows and doors closed? (I am not exaggerating.)

* What is it with the channel-flipping? I have noticed this with lots of men...they love to channel flip. It makes me crazy! I get interested in something and flip, start listening to something else...flip! I end up going off to another room to surf the net or to read.

Ok...I am done bitching now.

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