Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Slower than molasses in January!

"Slower than molasses in January" is one of the sayings my father uses to describe things that are slower than slow! Right now I am having one of these "slow" experiences of the "hurry up and wait" kind!

I am in the process of downloading company software for the new work-at-home job I wrote about earlier, here and here. They want this software downloaded and certification completed by a specific time and date, but never said anything about this process taking hours and hours.

The company sent me an email a couple weeks ago saying that on March 19th everyone was going to be sent a "Welcome" email, and passwords and ID information to get started in the process to download software and get our computers certified that our programs are installed and operational. Well, Monday came and went and no email!

Yesterday morning I sent an email saying that I did not receive my email on Monday and hope that it wasn't lost in cyberspace. My email must have gone astray on Monday because after sending them a message yesterday morning saying I didn't receive my welcome email, I was sent a response almost immediately with my password, etc. Instructions were for us ALL to sign on around 9 a.m. today, which is what I did and sweet Zeus is this SLOW! I have a pretty fast computer, and it NEVER takes this long to download something. I installed PhotoShop, Illustrator, and QuarkXpress in less than fifteen minutes total, so it ain't me! So I am assuming the slowness is because all new employees of this company are all downloading this program at once, therefore the slowness is from their end, not mine.

The first half-hour into downloading, I was at 1%, an hour later I was at three hours later I am at 58%. The indicator tells me that I have a bit more than two hours left to go! The weather has decided to take a turn for the worse and is thundering and lightning outside. So, help me if our internet goes out before this is done downloading I am going to be screaming like a banshee!

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