Saturday, March 31, 2007

What a dork I am!

Today, after checking my sitemeter to see who has been visiting me, I saw that someone from Libertyville, Il (a far northern suburb of Chicago) was obsessively reading my blog and persistently going to my log-in page. I also saw that this person was reading my blog for HOURS at a time, and every day for the past week or so. I started to fret...why was this person going to my log-in page? What was he/she trying to do? Were they that much of a fan, a stalker, or a hacker?!

I tried clicking on the link which is supposed to link you back to the visitor's entry page or to their blog, and I kept getting this message that the domain might not be safe, or it would take me back to my Blogger sign-in page. WTF?

I then started looking closely at the sitemeter pages, and details...and then something clicked in my brain. I did not see the usual town that shows up when I log onto my own site. I didn't see it listed for the past few days...after some more investigation and comparing of IP addresses...I discovered that it was ME! Apparently our provider is having problems at our local site and we are now being served out of Libertyville! Blush blush! As Tweety Bird says..."I'm so embawassed!"

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