Thursday, March 08, 2007

Computer addiction

My name is Stardust and I am a computer-a-holic.

There, I admitted it. That's the first step, right?

I have been teased by family members of being “addicted” to the internet and blogging. I LOVE my computer, how can they criticize something that I enjoy so much! I have made “friends” via the internet, and have found a group of people I enjoy very much. But it has taken up excessive amounts of my time the past year. Too much when I could be working on that novel and collection of short stories I wish to someday have published. Even when I go on vacation I look for an opportunity to check out “just for a minute” what is going on at my blogs, my friends' blogs, my two email accounts, my online book discussion group, etc. and the “minute” turns into an hour (or more).

I realized just how much I am addicted to the internet when my modem died a couple days ago and I felt like I HAD to run out and get one NOW (and it was nearly nine o’clock in the evening!) I stopped myself and told myself that was ridiculous since it was nearing bedtime and I had a couple of books I have been trying to finish reading for months, and I waited until morning. But I was the first one at Best Buy yesterday morning to purchase a new modem, AND I took it home, and installed it myself instead of waiting for my husband to do it. Usually I wait for him to do the setting up of computer hardware, but I had done it on my jobs before and didn't want to wait. I followed the instructions, and then had to call our internet provider to get re-established online. This took almost an hour on the phone with them, and going up and down the stairs to do what the technician told me to do (our main computer and modem/router is downstairs in the basement and my cell phone won't work down there.) I managed to get the internet up and running with the help of the patient man on the phone and I was so relieved and happy. (I was quite grumpy when I couldn't get online.)

I tell others when they tease that I DO do other things besides internet, like reading, writing cleaning, cooking...but I do go back and forth in between that stuff and just have to "check" what is going on. When the computer wasn't available for me to "check" what was going on, I suffered the same kind of “pangs” that seem similar to the cravings an alcoholic feels for a drink whenever they try to stop. I wondered, are many of us becoming internet/blog “junkies”? How did I ever get along before computers?

Then after saying, naw...I am not addicted. I keep house, I can turn it off whenever I want to...I pushed aside the questions and then I found this video by Bad Religion and made me start thinking all over again. I know that if they are writing songs about it, I am not the only's religious and non-religious, science people, teachers, philosphers, political activists, artists, musicians, young people, old people…practically everyone! Is it a good thing, or a bad thing? I am trying to decide. Here is the video and lyrics:


I love my computer
you make me feel alright
every waking hour
and every lonely night
I love my computer
for all you give to me
predictable errors and no identity
and it’s never been quite so easy
I’ve never been quite so happy
all I need to do is click on you
and we’ll be joined
in the most soul-less way
and we’ll never
ever ruin each other’s day
cuz when I’m through I just click
and you just go away
I love my computer
you’re always in the mood
I get turned on
when I turn on you
I love my computer
you never ask for more
you can be a princess
or you can be my whore
and it’s never been quite so easy
I’ve never been quite so happy
the world outside is so big
but it’s safe in my domain
because to you
I’m just a number
and a clever screen name
all I need to do is click on you
and we’ll be together for eternity
and no one is ever gonna take my love
from me because I’ve got security,
her password and a key

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