Thursday, March 01, 2007

Another visit to the doctor

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Today would have been a good day to just stay in bed and sleep in. Torrential rains were falling from the skies and roads were flooded in some parts and it was just icky, nasty out. But I had to drag myself up early, take a shower and drive to the doctor's office for yet another appointment.

This time it was to talk about test results and to talk about why I had two abnormal urine tests. I got there, expecting there to be a lot of cancellations because of the inclimate weather and the parking lot was jammed full! Usually I can find parking at least in the third or fourth rows away from the complex, but today I had to park in the back row a million miles away from the door and had to brave being pelted with water that was blowing practically sideways in the wind.

I got inside and shook my coat off. My jeans were soaked to the knees. Wonderful. I will probably get a cold now from being wet, chilled and exposed once again to the extreme levels of germs and bacteria that exist where sick people gather.

When I got up to the second floor and saw the waiting area for my doctor I couldn't believe it. Must have been twenty people waiting. It's never like this. Part of me just wanted to tell them I would reschedule, but then I needed to know about my lab work and what the hell is wrong now.

I waited, and waited, and waited...finally they call out my name and I get to go back. I get on the scale...good! I lost a couple more pounds...and then they hand me a urine jar for ANOTHER urine sample. WTF...I am getting sick of this weekly urine sample bullcrap and them not doing anything or coming to any conclusions.

I then went back to the examining room and waited some more. The doctor comes in after a little tap on the door and says "Hi D--- how are you?" all happily. I wanted to say like Rodney "I don't know, you're the doctor, you tell me!" But I refrained from sarcasm and said I was there to discuss test results, lab results, and to find out why my urine tests keep coming back funky. He informed me that he is happy I am losing weight...good. He tells me my liver function looks good and that things are going along pretty good....EXCEPT...I am now considered "prediabetic"...blood sugar is too high. So now, on top of trying to keep track of sodium, I now have to keep track of sugar and carbs! I need to keep my sodium even lower than was originally thought, and need to really get crackin' on the exercise routine.

So, the ice cream pictured below is now only someone I can dream of, and I am going to have to learn to forget about eating for pleasure ever again. But, like the cartoon says, I can cheat, I can go off of the diet and do whatever I want, but there is a penalty...and I think I can find other things to do for fun and food is not in the category of mainly longer a pastime pleasure. I do want to be around for at least two or three more decades.

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