Thursday, March 29, 2007

Woo Hoo! I need new jeans!

I am finally experiencing changes because of my new healthy way of eating. My pants are too big! I've been on my special diet since Feb 5th and have lost more than 20 pounds and my jeans are literally falling off of me. I have noticed that they have been getting baggier and baggier, and therefore also longer, and then today while I was doing some cleaning the dang things almost fell down!

Hubby, who is always wanting to avoid spending money says to wear a belt with them. But that would look weird with a belt and a baggy ass and the legs all flapping around. I think tomorrow, since it's payday I am going to go get myself a new pair of jeans in the next smaller size. I will only get one pair because I plan on going down two more sizes before I level out.

I feel so much better, and can breathe so much better. I started out at only around 50 lbs overweight, and I really feel for those who are much more overweight than that. It has to be so hard to keep from getting discouraged. But those of you who read this who are struggling to lose...just stick with it...and get yourself a journal and record everything you eat or drink and the size of the portion, the calories, fat, carbs, protein, fiber, sodium, sugar and cholesterol. (Check with your doctor for recommended levels for you...everyone is different and medical problems, etc have to be taken into account.)

I now just need to get my butt in gear and get to exercising more. I am really lazy and unmotivated about exercise, but imagine how fast this would burn off if I would get out there and really work at it! Warm weather is here, so I need to make myself get outside and do something!

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