Thursday, March 22, 2007

For Uma

Goa Silhouettes
Credit & Copyright: Joerg Schoppmeyer

Explanation: On Moonday, March 19, shortly before the equinox, locations in Asia and the Arctic were favoured by the New Moon's shadow during a partial solar eclipse. Although the view from Goa, India found the eclipsed Sun near the horizon, photographer Joerg Schoppmeyer was still able to capture this lovely image, combining celestial with terrestrial silhouettes. The next eclipse season will begin in late August this year, featuring a total lunar eclipse on August 28, and another partial solar eclipse on September 11. Compared to the March 19th eclipse, the September 11th eclipse will be seen on the other side of our fair planet, from parts of South America and Antarctica.


uma said...

Hey Stardust, that's a great photo. I happened to be in Bombay during the eclipse. Still haven't managed to get to Goa this year. Sigh.

Stardust said...

Uma, hi there! I would love to visit India someday but since I have only been to Mexico and Canada, AND I am now 52...I don't know if I will ever get to see these far-off places. However, thank humans for photography and the internet AND most of all, my internet friends! :-)