Friday, October 26, 2007

Work at home frustration...again

I should have known better, but after receiving an email invitation to work on another project for that company I worked for last spring, I thought that I would give it a shot again even though Jon reminded me of what an obnoxious hassle it is for very little money (when you break it all down hourly.)

I spent an hour installing update software and getting the new PC certification that jives with the company site. I used 50 sheets of MY paper to print out instruction manuals and example essays. I had to go buy a new $20 ink cartridge for my printer to be able to print the crap they wanted me to print. I spent 6 hours one day, and almost 5 hours the next training online, under the assumption that I was getting $15 an hour for my training time. WRONG.

I misread the pay agreement and when I went ot fill out my time card, I saw that it said to fill in the hours I was training BUT I would only be paid $15 PER TRAINING MODULE of which there were TWO. Thirty dollars for all those hours I put in, plus using my supplies, my electricity, and all of the time it took. I even did studying while logged off on my own time using the guides I printed out.
SO, I didn't even finish training. I quit.

I sent them an email and I got a snotty response back to call the office in Iowa. Using MY cell phone minutes??? NO WAY! I sent another email stating that I only have a cell phone and even if they have a toll free number, it does me no good and I am not spending any more of MY money for work I am doing for THEM. I told the person in my email that the money I am getting for training doesn't even cover my supplies and is not enough for my time.

What company doesn't pay for training? Every regular company I have worked for has always paid for training time, and a probation period. If I break down $30 over the 11 hours I worked so far, that comes out to be what? About $2.72 an hour. . . what I made hourly in 1972! And training would have gone on till October 30th!

I feel like such a sucker!

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