Monday, October 22, 2007


Nancy's Deep Dish Pizza
Jon and Jason ordered one of these the night before last. I called Nancy's and asked if they put yeast in their deep-dish pizza and they said not in the deep dish crust, only in the hand-tossed and thin. SO, I decided to experiment and had a HALF of a piece, and surprisingly it didn't bother my gout or my stomach. Wooo hooo! It was SOOOO GOOD. I ate very slow to make my tiny piece last as long as I could and savored every bite.

I wouldn't do this often, but now know that I can have a taste of pizza once in awhile. To keep from being hungry, I made myself a nice big salad on the side and the two men devoured the rest of the pizza. I don't know how they can eat all this crap and not get any side effects, gout or all the crap I get from it. It's not fair!

I am losing more weight. I went to Kohls' on Saturday and bought new jeans TWO SIZES SMALLER than I wore in August. I hope it's because of the restricted diet and not the Lupus. That would suck if it was the Lupus and I end up being skeletal like some people do. But I have read that when on a very low fat diet, one will lose a lot of weight even if you don't exercise much.

It's not so bad being on the diet I am on and not being able to eat crappy food. I am actually feeling much, much healthier than I have in a long, long time. It probably also has something to do with being on Prednisone, but probably also the combination of eating right, getting enough rest and the drug treatment. I am now off my ulcer medicine, and all seems going well with that.

Hopefully I won't start suffering again when they put me on Allopurinol next week. The RA doctor said that may actually trigger gout attack symptoms as it starts working, but should taper off and disappear and uric acid levels decline. I am not looking forward to that little "experiment".

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