Monday, October 22, 2007

Should I give in and feed Mr Squirrel again?

Isn't he cute? This is just like the squirrel who has been visiting me recently. (Well, okay, they all look alike...but they are such cute creatures!) I don't know what it is about humans that make them think that they have to feed everything. It was a gorgeous day out yesterday and I went over to open my kitchen window and there sitting on the deck railing, looking in the window was a squirrel who looked exactly like the one above. Beady eyes shining like black marbles in the noonday sun. He blinked, but didn't run away. He sat there...BEGGING like a dog! I really don't have anything to give him except for special expensive bread we buy for our diet. I now am trying to resist the urge to drive to the supermarket to buy a big bag of peanuts in the shell just for him! But hubby will have a fit if I start that again.

The year before last I was feeding a might remember my postings on that little guy. Well, some time after I was feeding him peanuts and peanut butter bread and apples we noticed a scratching sound coming from our ceiling in various places and come to find out that squirrel that I had been feeding made a home in our attic! Jon had told me that if I fed it, it would come inside to live and I said " won't. Squirrels live in nests in the treetops." Well...I found out they live in nests in treetops unless they can find a good food source and they find a way into your attic! That one finally left when I stopped feeding it, or maybe it got run over by a car or eaten by a coyote or something.

I am trying to tell myself that this little squirrel will survive the winter just fine without me because they do it all the time. But then that instinct to feed is getting stronger the more I see of him. (eye roll)

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