Monday, October 22, 2007

Fartheads in the fitting rooms

As I mentioned below, I went to Kohl's the other day to buy new jeans and while there I also bought underwear. I needed a new bra and every time I buy a new bra without trying it on, it never, ever fits and I end up wasting money. So, I took several bras into the fitting room to try on, along with two pair of jeans.

While I was in the fitting room, I tried on the first couple of bras and they weren't right. I just took one off and was about to put on another one when my door was rudely pushed open BY A TWELVE OR THIRTEEN-YEAR-OLD-BOY! I shouted EXCUSE ME!!!! And he shut the door with his hand over his mouth, laughing his ass off. Then I heard other kids giggling. I bet it was planned. I bet these punks planned to do it on purpose. What little shitheads! I was ticked! Maybe mommy and daddy told them they couldn't sit on their computers all day and made them go out and play so they headed on over to Kohl's to sneak peeks at the ladies in the fitting rooms??? I dunno.

There are no latches on the doors at Kohl's to be able to lock and make sure no one opens the door on you when you are naked. So, from now on you can bet I am going to somehow bolt that door shut!

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