Tuesday, October 30, 2007

This isn't my year . . .

As if all the other crap I have been going through wasn't enough, I pulled my back out. I had back surgery in 2004 to remove part of a disc that had blown in my lower back and had been doing really well the past couple of years with very little back pain to complain about.

My back trouble started several years ago when I worked as an editor for a college newspaper. Then later, I worked as a writer and then graphic artist...and then used the computer a lot at home in addition to the working time I spend sitting in front of a computer screen. The years of slouching in a chair finally took their toll. One day I simply bent over slightly to put something into a hamper and BOING! I blew a disc and the sciatic pain was HORRIBLE. I nearly collapsed to the floor when that happened and good thing my son was right there so he could help me walk to a chair.

I ended up having part of a disc removed and was sent to weeks and weeks of therapy. Recovery from that surgery was difficult and seemed to take forever, BUT I recovered and haven't had a problem till recently. It's stupid that this is happening after I lost a bunch of weight.

I was feeling energetic the other day and so decided to start sorting through the boxes of crap in the basement and start getting rid of stuff we will never use again. I went through only six boxes, and collected a huge bag of trash. I took some things to the recycle bin, then went back downstairs and tied up the big bag and dragged it up the stairs and outside. My back felt a bit sore afterwards, but nothing went BOING and I didn't think anything of it. I then got a cup of coffee, and sat down at the diningroom table and wrote a letter. I started to get up from the table and I felt resistance...pain. Not a BOING, but almost. I know my limits now of where to stop before the BOING happens. I have been hobbling around trying to prevent a BOING from happening, and so when I went for my appointment with my rheumatologist yesterday I asked her if she could do something about it...nope. She said I had to go see my back doctor.

I called the back doctor and they said the earliest they could get me in was November 8th. I told them that was so long, and asked if they didn't have anything sooner seeing that I am in a lot of discomfort. They said if it was that bad, to go to the emergency room! No frickin' way. I am not going to go lay on a gurney for hours and hours in an emergency room with a bad back. Those gurney's hurt a healthy back, and just the thought of being stuck there on one with a bad back is torturous enough! So, I phoned my regular doctor, and they said to come in around two.

I went over there, and ended up parking a million miles away. I hobbled all the way in, and then waited in the waiting room and by then the pain was shooting down my right butt cheek and into the back of my thigh. Sciatica! Finally, my name was called, and they sat me on a table with the back raised and a pillow behind my back. Doctor finally came in and prescribed Skelaxin, and pain medicine...and physical therapy. I now have six weeks of physical therapy to look forward to. I will be going twice a week, plus doing home stuff.

This year is just not my year for medical crap.

I will be starting the allopurinol for the uric acid levels. I am a bit nervous about it. Anyone who is reading ever take that medicine? And if so, any problems with it?

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