Friday, October 26, 2007

Hot tub bubbling!

Yay! The hot tub is working, and it is WONDERFUL. It really helps with aching joints and muscle pain. We keep the temperature around 101, and we set the timer for it to shut the jets off after 20 minutes, then we sit for awhile without jets going before getting out. I slept very well the couple of nights we have used this, so far. I think it is going to be our evening "ritual" despite what my attending physician says. My cardiologist and rheumatologist say it is fine to go in a hot tub, as long as I am with someone and watch how long I am in it. The rheumatologist says it will be very beneficial in pain management.


Poodles said...

That is so nice!

Stardust said...'s VERY nice!
Did you get yours all cleaned and refilled? I am not looking forward to the "maintenance", but it will be worth it.

Our tankless hot water heater, however, keeps kicking out and has to be reset every morning. (eye roll)

Poodles said...

It is filled and clean, I have just added the chemicals and it is heating up and I have the pumps running. I need to let them run a few more hours then I can go to bed. What a project!

Stardust said...

poodles, I am not looking forward to the draining and the cleaning part of having a hot tub. At least with our swimming pool it can be cleaned without draining the water out...but that has it's "maintenance" scrubbing the algae off the bottom and sides if it gets in there, and keeping the chemicals balanced. The past two years the water has been hard to keep clear.

Poodles said...

I understand that, we had a bit of algae starting to form in the hot tub water so I was glad to drain it. Balancing the water is as pain. But I am using a copper product that is working wonderful so far with keeping it clean with less chemicals.