Thursday, May 21, 2009

Price of windows - yikes!

When you have lived in a house for more than 20 years, things start falling apart. Everything that had 15-20 year warranties, in particular are in need of replacing. Like I was saying in an earlier post, we need a new roof, fence, windows, garage door just to name the big things.

The windows are actually urgently needed. Several of them are rotting. We had wood windows put in when we built the house since that is all the company would offer at that time. We would have put vinyl in if we had had the choice.

Well, now they all need replacing and so Jon has been getting quotes and estimates and most places want to come to your house before they tell you anything. Jon has the measurements, just give us a quick price so we can compare who is going to be the best deal. Nope...they say they have to come out. But when we have them come out, and we don't buy, they get pissy. The guy we had here the day before yesterday was getting sort of snotty about us "having him come out" when it was his company's rules for him to come here. Jon wouldn't let him pull that crap and told him that he could have saved gas and time to just tell him what the windows would cost over the phone for the sizes we need.

The quote we got from this guy was $20,000+ for replacement windows...we were thinking more in the ballpark of no more than $10,000 for all the windows in our house, including the big ones and patio doors. He has priced them online individually and installing them himself should be around that price. So, basically, it's double to have them installed.

Tonight another dude is coming over from Pella. It's going to be the same damn thing. They are going to come and look, it's going to be too stinkin high and they are going to get put out because they didn't make an instant sale. We were in their store already a few days ago and he gave us a price for one window in the showroom but said he really had to come out to give us an official price. I am like Gene Simmon's girlfriend, Shannon, I HATE people coming into my house who I don't know. And especially when I know we aren't going to buy anything from them. I told Jon to cancel but he wants to let the guy come and waste his time and argue with him.

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