Friday, May 08, 2009

Icky cold sore - but "miracle" cure! Yay for Abreva!

While the bronchitis was subsiding, I got this enormous cold sore on my upper lip and another one on the roof of my mouth behind my teeth (from the of those things that go with the disease when stress or illness strikes, and in my case I have had to deal with too much of both recently.)

I could feel it coming on, that tingly feeling that you get when it first starts. I had some old ointment in my purse that has always worked, but guess it finally expired because it didn't stop it this time. (Expired in 02 so maybe that's why.) So, during the rest of that evening and all during the night it continued to get bigger and bigger till it looked like a Botox injection gone bad.

In the morning I dragged myself over to the Walgreen's and got a little, teeny, tiny tube of Abreva. Probably a micro-ounce of this stuff for $17.99! So 20 bucks + with tax. I used it only a few times and not only has it stopped the cold sore in its tracks, but actually began reversing it right away. I highly recommend this stuff. It's well worth the money.

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