Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Flower planting

While we were out Saturday buying flowers, I decided to get a cherry tomato plant to grow and see just how many tomatoes it produces, and if it survives and does well and gives us enough little tomatoes for salads all summer, then will get more of these "patio plants" next summer to grow on the deck.

I bought some geranium plants, marigolds, and some tiny white and blue flowers to use as border in my big pots and put the marigolds and geraniums together. I am just buying enough plants each week that I am able to plant at one time. Eventually, I will get all my pots and planters filled.

Our home improvement list keeps growing and growing. Now the yucca plants seem to have died and so have to dig up the dead crap and roots. The three big bushes at the front of the garage still have to come out and I think it would be so much easier to just pay someone, just part with the money and get it over with for crying out loud. They are turning into monsters, and very horribly ugly ones, at that! There is just too much to keep up with anymore and more and more keeps piling up.

I think we need a condo, but he won't budge on that idea.

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