Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Am I starting to have "senior moments"?

Yesterday morning I wrote out some of our bills that are due and then gave them to my husband to mail. One of them was the car payment which is due tomorrow, and so I was cutting it close as it was mailing it so late. Well, today I checked the mail and lo and behold, there is the darn car payment mailed back to us! I was quite upset, telling my husband how crappy our mail delivery is and ranting about the postal service and how they are always screwing up. Then hubby takes the envelope, looks at the address on the front and says "You mailed it to yourself"...I said "what?!?" and ripped it from his hand to have a look at it myself and sure enough. I put the damn thing in backwards and it was our address in the window instead of the credit company! I had to call the credit company and pay them with our checking account number over the phone for an additional $10 fee.

I put dinner in the oven and forget it's in there. I heat up water for my instant coffee and when I go to heat up lunch later, there is my cup of now cold water and I realize I haven't even made my cup of coffee. I am supposed to call people back and don't. I forget appointments if I don't have my phone alarm to remind me. Am I getting prematurely old, or just have too much on my mind?


Poodles Rule said...

Actually, my rheumatologist said that forgetfulness and "absence of thought process" can be a part of RA, it is included in with the fatigue and exhaustion I know I feel a lot.

Stardust said...

poodles, I am VERY forgetful these days. It's very frustrating. Of course, hubby handles things with humor and he comes up to me a couple times a day and jokingly says "hey honey...I am your husband, remember me?" He gets quite a chuckle out of himself. But for me, forgetting stuff is very frustrating. I have read that, too that it can be part of the RA. I will have to start taking Ginko or something.

Poodles Rule said...

I completely understand the frustration. While I am not horribly forgetful (yet) I do tend to forget things much more than I ever did. I think sometimes it is the horrible exhaustion I feel on most days.