Monday, July 09, 2007

Life Aquatic...finally

We still don't have a functioning hot tub (it's STILL standing on it's side in the garage), but we DO have the pool running and I was out there in it today and it was great.

The water is cool, but not cold and that's without the solar cover being put on when not in use. It's been quite hot here, and great swimming weather.

I went out there today to start my aquatic exercises that the doctor told me to start doing. He told me to walk in the pool for a half an hour. Because of the arthritis, I have trouble walking on hard surfaces, so he said the water would make me more "buoyant" and lighter on the joints. In addition to walking, I also swim back and forth.

Since our pool is an 18 ft. round pool, this can become very boring after about ten minutes of it. Half an hour seems like an eternity! The first few minutes I took the net with me to catch any bugs or stray leaves along my path. Once I got all of those things out, and the water was clear, there wasn't anything else to do but walk...round and round and round. The water was making a whirlpool, with a funnel-like swirly in the middle. I could have cut across the middle to make things interesting, but we have the middle dug out deeper so the water would come up to the middle of my face there. The reason we made it so deep in the middle is so that when the kids were all home, they could jump and dive into the middle of the pool from the deck and not hit bottom and get hurt. Now it's kind of a pain because that deep hole in the middle makes it harder to clean.

Anyway, I walked around several times, watching the birds in the trees looking at me as if saying "silly human" (or they were waiting for me to get out so they could come use the pool for a birdbath like they love to do). I did a few swimming laps around, and then across. It's so peaceful in the water and I felt so light. One of my favorite things to do is to put a mask on and sit on the bottom of the pool underwater where it is totally silent, and so blue and sparkly with the sun rays shining through the surface.

Then the sun went away, and the skies grew dark. Storms. DAMN. I was forced from tranquility back to reality. However, weather permitting, I can go out there every single day for a little exercise...then quiet time. ahhhhh. I'm so glad he got the new pump. Thanks sweetie! You're the best!

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