Thursday, July 12, 2007

Starved Rock

Left is a photo of the new Starved Rock Visitor Center in Starved Rock State Park Illinois along the Illinois River (pictured below). Weather permitting, we may go here this weekend and do some hiking and have a little picnic. Years ago, when I was a kid, there were no nice planked walkways or railings to keep people from falling off the top of the rock. Even when our kids were small, there were still no railings, but I guess one too many Boy Scouts went sailing over the edge to the water below so the park's services upgraded everything and now there are nice railings, and lookout points with seats here and there. The visitor center and museum are quite nice, and there is even a snack bar and gift shop, and a movie theater to show a short presentation about the history of Starved Rock and surrounding areas. Also, there is a lodge in the park (also pictured below) which is deep in the woods and surrounded by nature and peace and quiet.

It's one of Illinois's beautiful

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Ganga Sunshine said...

Looks like a beautiful place!!