Saturday, July 14, 2007

Weight loss update

Well, I have been on my diet for nearly six months and have lost a total of 32 pounds so far! Yipeee! My doctor was very pleased when I went to see him. As I mentioned before, he has started me on some water exercise which take about a half hour a day in the pool. Walking in circles, round and round. It could be pretty boring, but I am using the time for "quiet time" and meditation. Time to think, or just relax and not think about anything at all except the puffy clouds in the sky and the wind blowing through the tree branches. I am enjoying it.

I have started to slip off the wagon a few times, going out for a hot dog or tacos or ice cream, but I am finding that's okay to do now and then as long as it's a once-in-awhile-treat. I continue to record what I eat in my diet journal, and keep track of the amounts of sugar, sodium, fat, carbs, etc. I find that the days I go over my limits I feel awful. I am more tired, and I the ringing in my ears comes back and I am dragging my rear end around for the next couple of days till the bad stuff gets out of my system.

With a husband who really enjoys eating almost as a hobby, it hasn't been easy to stick with it all the time. But I am becoming an influence since he has to eat healthier when I cook, and I often say no to going out. (He would eat out nearly every day, and goes out for lunch while at work pretty often.) I wish he would try to follow what I am doing since he needs to lose about 50 pounds. Last night I made tilapia seasoned with Mrs. Dash's lemon pepper and boiled red potatoes with skins and peas and carrots. The portion he ate was three times what I eat so no reason to be hungry later. However, later in the evening he was eating out of the peanut butter jar and the strawberry preserves (yes, he eats it plain with a spoon right out of the jars).

He is bugging me as I am writing this to go FOOD shopping again and since I want to make sure we get healthy stuff that is good for us I better go along with him.

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