Saturday, June 09, 2007

Trapped in the bathroom

We went to my parents last night to visit with my dear aunt and uncle who are in from out of town visiting and had a little "excitement" while we were there. Mom got trapped in the bathroom.

The lock on that door had been "sticky" for some time. I sometimes had a bit of panic when the door didn't open immediately for me when I had to use that room. But play with it for a couple of seconds and it would open right up. However, last night it stuck, and wouldn't budge.

Dad got his screw driver and started disassembling the doorknob and mechanism. Mom pulled the handle out on her side, Dad pulled the knob off from the outside, taking out part of the mechanism, but the lock part was wedged in their tight! It wouldn't budge. I peeked in through the hole to look at Mom while Dad went off to get another tool, and she was sitting there peacefully on the toilet lid, waiting patiently. This would have made a great scene for a sitcom or in a movie.

Dad came back with his tool, and my hubby Jon helped him to pull that latch part out of the hole finally, freeing Mom and we all then could have a good laugh. (Mom got trapped in a department store rest room not too long ago, so don't know what is up with this happening to her lately!) Dad took a doorknob off another door for now and put it on the bathroom door so all is functioning properly again and they just have to buy another doorknob for the other room.

It's always something, but these things make for great stories. Our family has lots and lots of funny stuff to tell.

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