Saturday, June 09, 2007

Hot tub update

If I were superstitious I would think this hot tub has a curse upon it. As I mentioned before, hubby found a few more parts that needed replacing, one major (a transformer) and a few plumbing pieces. We waited, and waited for them to arrive, and finally UPS tossed them upon our doorstep and he was happy to see that they finally got here and excitedly opened the box, emptying out those obnoxious packing peanuts that cling to everything around them as soon as they escape into the open, only to find ONE measly part and it wasn't even the right piece!

"Where's the rest of my order?" he bellows, "and this is the wrong &^%&%$^%$ part!"

I don't think I am the only one noticing this, and I don't think it is because of old age approaching, but it does seem like few in this world actually do their jobs properly. This happens too often for it to be mere conicidence or just our critical perception of customer service as we get older.

So, he went online while at his office today and found the company and saw that he did order the right parts, they just sent the wrong ones. He went to another company site, ordered the parts from them, and then when he went to look for the area to pay with a credit card it said to "mail a money order or certified check" which means that nothing will be shipped till he pays with that, and he couldn't find a place to cancel the order. The only reason he is going online for this stuff is because the one and only dealer for this hot tub (American Sales) doesn't keep parts for older spas in stock. They tell you to go home and order them online. The internet is supposed to make life easier but it sure doesn't because you can't talk to a flesh and blood human being.

He hasn't even opened the transformer box yet. Hopefully that is the correct one. I will let you know in my next hot tub update.

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