Friday, June 22, 2007

More aquatic "challenges"

2007 must be the curse of the aquatic gods, because all has not been in our favor when it comes to pools and spas this year.

We had thought seriously about taking down and getting rid of our above-ground pool when we bought the hot tub, but since that didn't turn out as expected, hubby decided we would keep the pool for another year and he would get it going so at least we can swim, if not sit in a relaxing hot bubbling spa. Why did we think that would work out? Silly us!

The first "challenge" was to get the water off the top of the cover. The way the water had collected on top of the cover during the winter months was quite bizarre, and something that had never happened before in all of our 23 years of pool ownership. The water usually filters through the cover and stays mostly underneath, however, this year the water collected on top, stretched the cover all the way to the bottom of the pool, pushing all the clean water under the cover up and out or something. He had to bail about 4,000 gallons of pukey green water off the cover and when he finally finished bailing and removed the cover, there was only about two feet of clean water left from when we had closed it up last fall. Quite unusual. The pool is usually at least half-full when we open it up in the springtime. Weird!

Well, he put water into the pool which took about a day and a half because we had to refill it practically from empty. When it was filled, he connected the pipes, and bought the chlorine and plugged in the pump (like the one pictured above). Nothing, not a thing happened. The pump is bad! LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!! It needs new bearings and some other part. It figures, doesn't it?
All I can do is laugh. Too funny!

(Nope, the hot tub is not fixed. It is still standing on it's side in the garage. He says he might have it done this weekend. My prediction is the damn thing will have yet another thing wrong with it. )

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