Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Well, he did it again. Hubby "misplaced" his keys for the umpteenth time. This "losing" stuff seems to be more common problem men have than women and knows no age boundaries. How many times has your significant other, or sons opened a cabinet or refrigerator door to look for something and then started bellowing "I can't find it!" and then you go in there, and actually bend over and look BEHIND stuff to find the desired item. As my father says, "if it was a snake it would have bit ya." How many times have they "lost" their keys and wallets? How many times have we had to look for this stuff for them? I feel like a powerful psychic because I, who may or may not have even seen the lost items, have the ability to locate these misplaced things in a matter of minutes.

Yesterday evening, when he came home from work he told me he lost his electronic car key. Wherever I suggested to look, he said he looked there already. He said he searched his room, the garage, his work bag (twice), the driveway, the grass in both the front and back yards, the bathrooms, the sofa cushions, trash and recycle bins, the van, his car...everywhere, he says. After watching him wander around pitifully for too long, I finally decided to look myself. I went downstairs to his room where he said he had "just looked" and what seems to have happened is that they fell out of this pants pocket when he was changing for bed last night and they bounced under his bed...but not all the way under. I merely had to bend at the waist, and peer under and there they were.

I found a handy little gadget for people who can't keep track of their stuff. It's called "Findit." Here is the advertisement:

This tiny domino sized electronic device attaches to any commonly lost household item by an adhesive strip or key ring. Things such as car keys, remote controls, cordless phones, glasses, electronic planners, pill cases, and so on. When you clap 3 times Find It will begin beeping. It operates up to approximately 20 ft. away. Included is a FREE mini high powered Find It flashlight.

Only $19.95
plus $5.95 shipping and handling.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee (less S&H)

The problem is that they would probably lose the "Findit" thingy somewhere out of "clap range."

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