Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Snowy start to 2008

As you can see from this photo, we are starting off the new year in a very blustery, wintery way. In addition to the snow, the wind has been increasing in intensity, and though it is very pretty to look at the snow all blowing around like the inside of a shaken snowglobe, it is a bit miserable to hvae to be outside in this stuff today. Hubby, though still sick, went out and shoveled the driveway. Now he is cuddled up in a blanket on the couch watching football. I keep telling him we should get a snowblower and he refused to agree to buy one. Says he needs the exercise.

We aren't doing much today. I have already taken one nap. It was hard to stay up to kick 2007 in the seat of the pants on the way out and welcome in 2008. I watched the ball drop in New York City. Dick Clark refuses to give up even though he must overly pronounce his words to keep control of his speech after his stroke. I do admire him for not giving up, though. He will keep going and going till the end, I am sure.

I watched Friends, and Will & Grace till it was time for the Chicago countdown. Chicago's New Year's coverage is quite lame in comparison to NYC. Kind of embarrassing, actually. It's so disorganized and all they show are drunken, stupid people who can barely stand up and the broadcasts from one event to another are uncoordinated and boring. But, still I watch it just to do the countdown here in Chi-Town. The fireworks weren't as pretty as they usually are . . . probably because it's snowing. I'm amazed they still went through with it even though most of the fireworks seem to fizzle out in mid-air, leaving only little balls of light in the snowy sky.

I do miss the days of watching the big band type music on New Year's Eve. Mom used to make a punch that was better than my pineapple juice mixed with Squirt. Maybe it was the same thing, but hers tasted better. Mom used to make those Pizza Rolls or those little Totino's pizzas, and there were leftover Christmas cookies and other sweets. It was always fun because it was the one night of the year when we were kids that we could stay up so incredibly late.

I used to do the same things with my own kids, make similar snacks as Mom made for me and my brothers and sister. It was fun. Now they are all grown, and off doing their own thing and even though I do make some special food, and stay up to watch the celebrations on television, it all seems a bit dull because the kids aren't here. It's sad getting old as things change and kids all go their own ways.

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