Monday, January 07, 2008

Spring in January

I does this now and then in January in Chicagoland. One week it's snowing and then sunny and balmy the next. Today is one of those springlike days that fools the flies and other critters that rely on instinct. A couple of them are between the screen and patio doors. Where they hide when weather is bitter is beyond me. I will have to do some research because I would like to know so I can EXTERMINATE THEIR LARVA!

The warm weather would probably make me feel better if the barometer wasn't so low. Rain is on it's way for later, and me bones and joints can tell it! Since the gabapentin has been increased, I realized my lower back pain has practically disappeared, neck is screwed up and very painful the longer I am up and if I do anything that involves my right arm. (Why I haven't been on the computer much lately and post quickies.) Good thing I still have an appointment with the spine doctor and find out what is going on with that. Hopefully the osteoporosis isn't up on top, too. My upper back and neck weren't giving me a problem till I went to therapy for my lower back and they made me do push-up crap and stuff pulling tight rubber bands like a weight machine. As soon as I told them my neck and upper back was hurting a lot, they stopped those and tried other things. But too late, I injured something and now it's going to take time for that to clear up. If they try to get me to go to therapy again, I am going to tell them no way. I am not going to do it. I will walk, I will swim, I will do yoga but they can keep their frickin' therapy.

Anyway, hubby is going in to work late today so is washing my bedding for me. He is going to mop the floors too because I have a problem with that. But he has problems, too. Has been sick. I am trying to convince him to pay for a visit or two by Molly Maids just to come in and do the floors and basic cleaning and dusting. He doesn't want to pay for that, though. What I really want to do is sell the house and move into a condo where the grass is cut and maintenance on the building taken care of. But he won't agree to that either. Our yard is in tremendous need of landscaping. Our fence is going to have to be repaired in places, the deck needs to be resanded and new boards put in places. We need to paint the livingroom/foyer/hallway and the kitchen. The entire basement needs to be cleaned out, crap thrown out and also the garage. It's not a huge house, only around 1400 sq ft on each level, and we mainly live upstairs, but it's a lot to keep up with. I think a condo at this point in our lives would be ideal since he works so much and I just can't do the things I used to do anymore.

Maybe I can talk him into it sooner or later.

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