Sunday, January 27, 2008

Endless football season

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I am not a big sports fan, and find the most boring sports to be baseball, football and soccer. Hubby watches all of them, along with the non-sport, male soap opera, championship wrestling. (ugh!)

Baseball always puts me to sleep whether live or on television. The players come out and spit, scratch their groins, swing the bat ten million times. toss the ball to each other, spit again, scratch again, swing swing swing in the air...then when the pitcher finally throws the ball, the batter "wiffs". One time when we took all the kids to a White Sox game when they were little, my daughter said "when are they going to stop playing catch and start playing baseball?" My sentiments exactly. Pitch the frickin' ball, swing and get on with it. All that swinging, throwing, catching, scratching never helps. They wiff three times and then it is up to the next dude to try...and he does the same routine of spitting, scratching, digging at the dirt with his shoes, swinging at the air like a tough guy, then WIFF, WIFF, WIFF and he is out. The good part of going in person is the food...if you can eat it which I can't anymore. But I was always at the food stand getting nachos, hot dogs, caramel corn, etc. Can't do that anymore so there is no motivation for me to go to a live game.

Football...I have always hated football. The players always are the biggest goons. Ultimate jocks. They love bullying and pride themselves on being tough guys. It always cracks me up how they all pray before a game, as if some divine intervention is going to favor a certain team or player over another. And many teams do this from professional to pee wee league. Praying and sports goes together.

Back to football. This is another sport that will sedate me to snooze mode. They kick off...then the rest of the time is spent throwing and slamming into each other trying to get a little oval-shaped ball. To get a "first down, second down, third down...etc. It takes FOREVER. Then when something exciting does happen, like a guy running for a touchdown, we are sleeping through it and have to watch it on the replay. I have only been to a couple of high school games in person only because our sons were in the Marching Band which was much more entertaining than the game.

I won't ever go to a real football game. Even if I could eat the food, it's stinkin' cold outside and I don't find sitting under a blanket in full winter gear to be fun. It's idiotic when you have a better view on television and a nice comfy couch to doze on.

Soccer...our kids used to play soccer. I don't remember how many soccer games I sat through. All three played. Our daughter only played for a couple years because she liked the "costumes"...they were hot pink. The boys played longer. Our older son played for five years, the younger one played for eight! You watch them run the ball up and down the field and rarely scoring. If you get a score of 2-1, that is great. Children's soccer isn't any less boring than adult soccer. Sure, they are fast and zippy with their feet, but it's the same thing...up and down, up and down the field...rarely a goal scored.

I can throw golf in here, too. YAWN. Then on top of being incredibly slow and boring, the commentator whispers, enhancing the sleepy feeling.

Basketball is a great action game to watch. It is speedy and the scores grow quickly. It's fast-paced, fast moving action. However, now the refs are getting lazy (or maybe paid off to look the other way?), but players travel, and hang on the basket, and all sorts of things that should be illegal in a game, IMO.

Ok...done bitching about sports. Just had to get that out of my system. It is Sunday and hubby will be watching all day long.

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