Tuesday, January 08, 2008

It's Always Something

Rick Springfield:

Yes, it is. It's always something. I thought 2008 would bring a fresh start, but in reality there is no magic calendar turn-over. New Year's Day is just another day and the new year would be just another year, except THIS year Jeff and Whitney are getting married! So that is at the top of the list of good things for the coming year...a good "something".

The van was in the shop and we finally got it back. It was the distributor and was nearly $1,000. There was a fee on there for "shop supplies" and we asked what the heck is shop supplies. I mean, we are already paying labor fees. The maintenance shop guy said it is for stuff like paper towels, cleaning solutions, etc. Now that is getting to be just like the medical field where they charge you for each bandaid, each gauze pad, each cotton swab, etc. We complained that charging us for that is ridiculous and a rip off. He went over to talk to his boss and came back and said they were taking that off the bill because they want satisfied customers. It mays to be a squeaky wheel sometimes. It didn't make a big difference in the bill, but it was a little bit off, anyway.

The roof is leaking . . . again. He will have to go up there and patch it again. But we really need a whole new roof. It's not going to be able to wait a whole lot longer.

I ordered two books from Amazon.com and usually don't have a problem, but this time I didn't get one of the books. And it's the one I really wanted . . . Franny and Zooey by JD Salinger. I emailed the vendor and they haven't responded. I think I am going to have to complain to Amazon.com about them.

Then, our daughter called today and told me she went to the gynecologist this morning for a check up and was told she has a cyst on her ovary . . . and now needs an ultrasound to find out exactly what is going on. Since she is a musician, and only has part time jobs in orchestras and does solos for weddings, and other things, she has to buy her own health insurance and has the cheapiest of the cheap. She has a huge deductible and hopefully they will work it for her so she can afford paying it back. But she HAS to have it done. I told her we will help her out if need be, but she must get it checked out and taken care of. Hopefully the ultrasound will show that it is something that doesn't need surgery. I want to go out and see her but can't afford it at the moment. We are still dealing with bills from September, and also for my ongoing medical care. Humana PPO has to be the worst insurance coverage we ever had. We have never had to pay so much out of our own pocket before.

BUT some good news this year. . . hubby got a promotion! He is now Engineering Maintenance Manager and is in the process of negotiating his new salary. Hopefully that will get resolved in the next week or two. We could really use the extra money ASAP.

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