Monday, January 21, 2008

Freezing and more snow on the way

Well, it's stinkin' cold outside and the little bit of snow we have on the ground has turned into glazed sheets of ice. Then the weather report for today predicts snow off and on the next couple of days and we could see an accumulation of 2 to 5 inches. Boo hiss! I really hate snow, I hate winter and I think we need to move to a warmer climate. I can't stand extremes, so Florida and Texas are out, as well as Arizona. I need someplace neutral. Hawaii would be nice, weatherwise, but isolated, and extremely unaffordable. Oh well, I am just bitching like I always do every winter. I hate getting the coat on, the gloves, the scraping off the car and van windows, and all the clothes you have to wear to keep warm. Then the salt that gets tracked into the house because certain people won't take their shoes off.

We helped our oldest son move back out this past weekend, so we have the house to ourselves, again. This is the third time he has moved in and back hopefully third time is a charm, as the saying goes. Saturday we took a whole van load of his crap to his new place, and he had his car full of crap, too. It wasn't even 0 degrees yet when we left the house around 7 a.m. Why so early? Because we had promised our other son and his fiancee that we would go with them to help them decide on tuxes for the guys, and bridesmaid dresses. (Her mom lives in New York, so can't be here to help. I feel bad she is missing all the fun.) But anyway, we got the tuxes decided on, and the bridesmaid dresses and all of that is set. Only 4 months left to go!

After we did that we went to this Chinese restaurant called Yu's in Schamburg and they have the best Schezwan Eggplant. That's what I got, and they got some kind of noodle stuff and Jon got what he always gets, Kung Pao Beef. After that we took them over to pick up their new uber speakers that go with their new sound system. They were too big to fit into any of their cars, so we have that van and they fit easily in there...we could fit about 20 of them in there with the middle seats out. Their new speakers sound awesome and now has made Jon want a new projector television with new speakers, etc. The way he loves television, I think he should just go ahead and get himself something for once. The kids are gone, we have the house to ourselves and he can watch it as loud as he wants and bother no one. I am pretty easy-going about his television watching.

As cold as it is outside, I went out today to go to the bank and then was going to go to the Post Office and I drove all the way over to the bank before realizing it's Martin Luther King's birthday observance so they are both closed, dammit! I wanted to get this box out to my daughter. It is her birthday tomorrow so already late sending it. I already talked to her and told her it would be late, but wanted to get that on its way today. Darnnit! Now I will have to go back out in the cold tomorrow.

I have to go back out later, too...for therapy. Boo hiss!


uma said...

I think snow is best in the movies. Thank god we don't get any here in Bombay!! What I hate worst is the slippery ice which forms on the road which has you sliding and falling all over the place!

Poodles said...

On Monday we got about 8 inches, there is more coming, and it is so cold it isn't melting so there are piles and piles of it just getting dirty. Blech!