Thursday, July 02, 2009


I suspect it may have been raccoons that got into our trash can and made an incredible mess all over the driveway and grass this morning. Since the garbage guys seem to have done something with our lid, we were taking a chance leaving the bags just stacked in the open can, but so far we had been lucky . . . till today. It was totally disgusting.

The "invaders" could have been a pack of coyotes since the meat packages were all half-eaten. Coyotes have been coming into the neighborhood in search of food since more and more of their land is being taken up with subdivisions of houses.

I don't think it could have been a deer. Deer have been wandering around, too. But they don't usually attack the meat wrappers and don't usually dig so nice and neatly. I don't think the coyotes would be so careful as to leave the can standing, either. Had to have been those crafty raccoons and their opposable thumbs.

Whoever the culprits were, they really made a mess and wasn't a pleasant thing to wake up to at all.

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