Thursday, July 09, 2009

In Memoriam

So sad we have to say goodbye to those we love. Grandma K wasn't a blood relative, but she was Jon's second mom. She had taken care of him starting when he was only six-years-old while his mother was working and he just started hanging out with the K family, going on family vacations with them, being there for holidays and special activities. He did everything with this family. When his real mom died when he was only 17, and he had no close blood relatives left (his half brother is 21 years older and lives far away), she and her family "adopted" Jon and all of us and treated us just like family all these years. Grandma and Grandpa K were the only paternal grandparents our kids have known. She bought them gifts, invited us for dinner, remembered their birthdays just like her own blood grandkids. We have spent every Christmas Eve with her and her family and they were all kind enough to share with us.

The wake is Friday, the funeral Saturday. It's going to be so extremely sad. But she lived a good, long life (until she was diagnosed with Alzheimer's a few years ago and had other problems as she got older). She was 86.

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