Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Brain scan

I've been getting these terrible migraines . . . this last one has been with me for seven days. Though the pain is quite decreased because of Ultram, it's still there, a dull ache. I went to the doctor for an injection of Toradol last night and that helped quite a bit. But by six a.m. it had totally worn off and the head pain started again. I took two Ultram as directed and it eased off again, so have been taking that every six hours to keep it at bay. The doctor sent me for a brain scan. Jon, being the wiseguy that he is, Mr. Funnyman...said "well, did they find one in there?" hahaha

It's probably just a stubborn migraine. I was on Estradiol (estrogen) and know those can cause some nasty headaches, and can also make migraines worse. The doctor wanted me to have the brain scan to make sure it's not something more serious. Lupus can also cause terrible headaches because of the inflammation it may cause. The brain scan would also show if the Lupus is causing fluid build-up in the covering of the brain, or inflammation in the vessels, etc. It's great we have the technology today to be able to catch things early if that's the problem. But right now, doctor thinks it's just a stubborn migraine.

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