Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Trained goldfish...amazing!

I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen the video and this was also a segment on Good Morning America. I had a couple of Beta fish and I swore they had personalities and people thought I was nuts. But the first one I had had a very calm temperament and was very easy going, lazy and when I took him out to put him in bowl to clean his vase he was very patient and didn't move much. But the second Beta fish I had was totally opposite in personality. He was very impatient, would get bored and flip around in the vase, splashing water and like he was demanding attention from someone. When I would take him out to put him in a bowl it was nearly impossible to catch him in the net, and he was so pissed off to be placed in a bowl I was worried he would toss himself out of it. Then once he was placed back into the vase, he would swim with violent jerks in a way there was no mistaking he was quite angry about the whole ordeal and took him several minutes to get over it. I wonder if Beta fish can be trained to do what this goldfish can do.


david santos said...

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Stardust said...

David, thanks for stopping by and commenting. You have a nice day, also.