Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Just Married!

Well, the wedding went off without a hitch! My son is now a married man, and I now officially have another daughter! I can't believe it's all over with so quickly. Family came from out of town and are already back home in far-off states. My daughter left to go back east today (sniff) and I had to tearfully say goodbye to her again. I hate goodbyes and wish we all could live in one city together. But life takes us different places and everyone has their lives to live.

The service was so pretty and went so well for their being no rehearsal. Everyone was on time, the weather cooperated, not too warm, not cold at all. Sunshine. All of the bridesmaids looked so beautiful in their peachy-pink just-below-the-knee chiffony dresses. There were four (one being our daughter Mary who looked so pretty, as usual). The other girls were very pretty too, and looked so happy for their friend. The groomsmen were all very handsome in their tuxedos and pink ties and gray vests. Our oldest son Jason was a groomsman and nice to see him all spiffied up. Nice to see all the guys spiffied up, actually, including my hubby who has only had a tuxedo on ONE other time in our 33 years of marriage, and the first time was to our wedding in 1975! So everyone was shocked to see Mr. Sport Coat in formal attire.

Whitney and Jeff make a beautiful couple. Jeff looked very tall and handsome . . . Whitney made a gorgeous bride...her dress was very stunning..the little rhinestones in the flower embroidery twinkled. The tears of happiness in her eyes glistened with the reflections of candlelight. Everyone said afterwards how they could see it in her eyes how much she loves Jeff and how much Jeff loves her The way they look at each other made everyone weepy...lots of happy sniffling. I had a reading to do and actually made it through without choking up too much, and Whitney's very handsome brother did another reading. They exchanged their vows which really had everyone pulling out the Kleenex, and the Grandmas presented the rings, and then the Apache Wedding Blessing and all was done...they are now Mr & Mrs!

The reception was a blast. The dinner was good...slow being served, but that was okay. Better than a rushy meal. There was a wedding toast by the best man, and then little speeches here and there. They asked Jon to say something last minute and I get a bit nervous when he gets up to speak because you never know what is going to come out of his mouth! He did fine though...but when saying something about joining families he included his and then Whitney's family but forgot to mention MY family...he realized it after the fact, when it was too late to fix it...but oh well. I am glad they didn't call on me to improv...I would have passed out. I had my speech planned but absolutely suck at improv. So, without having anything prepared, he did good.

The dancing part was the most fun...Jeff has no inhibitions about dancing and was doing the Night at the Roxbury "shoulder shake" to everyone, even going up to the photographer and trying to dance with him. It was a riot. Then all the guys were on the floor doing the head thing. Once in awhile when something Jeff and Whitney heard a song they wanted to sing and dance with each other they would seek each other out, run up to each other and start jammin' out. It's so cute how they are so "connected".

We were all there till Holiday Inn threw us out. It went by too fast. I could have partied all night and forgot all about my gout foot, my aches and pains were all gone for that one wonderful day. And I really don't feel too bad afterwards, either. Maybe it's the happiness.



uma said...

I hate goodbyes too - but hey! that sounds like one fabulous wedding. Almost wish I'd been there!

Stardust said...

Hi Uma, yes it was a wonderful wedding. Perfect. When midnight came around and the hotel turned the lights up to signal party time was over, we didn't want to stop. We could have easily gone on for a couple more hours.

I will be posting some pics as soon as I figure out how to install the updates for my scanner software.