Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Less than two weeks till Wedding time!

Our son and soon-to-be daughter-in-law's wedding is less than two weeks away! We are all getting so excited. Everything is pretty well set, all arrangements made, we all have our fancy clothes. Responses are in! There are so many coming from out of state since Whitney isn't from here. Her parents are coming from New York, others coming from Pennsylvania and other places. All of her friends are coming in from out of state. We have several relatives coming in from other states, as well, including our daughter who will be flying in a week early and she will be here for a whole week! We haven't seen her since last August and I think when she steps off that plane I won't be able to stop hugging her for a long, long time! I miss her so much!

Good things about weddings is that they are an excuse for family reunions. Too bad people don't make time for gatherings like this more often. Time goes by too fast and before you know it, there are some who are no longer here who we wish we had made the time to visit with again. Time goes by so fast, and it's as if we are all on some kind of giant conveyor belt, some of us fall off before we get to the end, but we all eventually get to the end and fall off. Ok...now I better stop being so morbid...this is supposed to be HAPPY TIME! I am just a bit sentimental right now because my middle son is actually tying the knots. I knew he would be the first. He is just that way. He wanted it and spent a lot of time and effort looking for "the one." But his looking isn't what found him his bride...our daughter did. She met Whitney at a music festival and knew right off the bat that this girl was the one for Jeff. And she was right!

My gout is finally settling down thanks to a new rheumatologist and lots and lots of Prednisone. I hate how it makes me sweat, but I am not stopping it this time because I want to dance at this wedding dammit! And I am determined to do just that! I haven't been able to drive, so have to rely on hubby to drive me around, and he has been very good about that. I haven't been able to get to the store to do any shopping and I NEED to get some new knee high nylons and some kind of comfortable shoes that won't squeeze the hell out of my gout toe joint all night. So, hopefully this week.

So, just 12 more days till the happy event!

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