Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Still no hot water

I am trying not to be bitchy. He keeps saying "tomorrow, tomorrow" (his theme song in life should be "Tomorrow" from the Annie play). He worked on the plumbing to get this thing going and I have my plush towels and body wash ready for a long and steamy shower and then when he was finished last night with the last pipe I heard him groan a long groan "ohhhhhh maaaaaaaan!" It was not a groan from tiredness. It was a suffering groan because he had put in the waterpipes BACKWARDS. Pipe dyslexia. I took another sponge bath before bed, lathered on nice smelling lotion and tried not to bitch because I know he is trying. And this thing is supposed to save us $200 a year on hot water bills. It only runs when the hot water tap is running and no pilot light so when we go on vacation, no water is heated. It is "instantaneously" heated as it is used. Hopefully after he corrects the piping tonight the damn thing will run.

No hot water is to be found here except when we heat it on the stove.

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