Friday, September 21, 2007

Medical update and other things

(photo by D. Bowden "Autumn Sunset")

Well, went to the doctor for my follow-up yesterday and all is going well with the surgical healing. Stitches are healing and starting to get tight and pull, and those internal twinges of healing are annoying but good signs.

However, as I come down off the Prednisone, the joint pain of the gout, and RA is returning, which is very disappointing because as much as I was in pain from the other stuff, having relief of joint pain was great. Now, after being pretty much pain free in the joints and feet, it's all coming back. It would be nice if we could stay on Prednisone indefinitely, because it is much more effective than even the strongest pain relievers. My swelling in my leg was down, but is coming back too. Because I am coming off the Prednisone. It sucks.

So, here's the scoop...after all the hot tub ordeals, I can't even use it! He said not at all for six weeks (it isn't working yet anyway), BUT may not be able to use it at all because of my problem with irregular heartbeat, and also the sodium sensitivity/water metabolism problem I have. The doctor said if I sit in a hot tub I could rapidly dehydrate, and then water would be sucked from the heart and brain causing me to pass out or worse. SO, I am afraid to ever use it now. I asked about hubby's high blood pressure and should he use it, and the doctor said he didn't like hot tubs and though the hot tub may help Jon's bad knees and muscle tension, it may not been good for his heart. He insists he will be fine with it. Maybe I can stick my poor feet in it, but I am afraid now to put the whole body in there.

Then, I have to see the gastro guy about the ulcers. Have to stay on meds for that for a few months. But that is just a little thing and I would never have known I had ulcers if they hadn't done the scope thing. Oh well.

Then I have to see a new Rheumatologist and get the gout and RA under good treatment...and then will go downtown to see this Endocrinologist about the water/sodium metabolism problem and find out why I swell up like a balloon and fill up with fluid. But have to recover from that and get readings back into the normal range or near normal before dealing with another thing. My uric acid levels are rising again (the gout) and the liver enzymes are still a bit high, so have to get those things controlled before we start treating something else because these readings may not give accurate test results for the other problem.

I have to also do a follow-up with the lung dude and cardiologist.

Anyway, regardless...I have been taking walks outside. I hate going shopping with hubby because he doesn't let me look. Right now I really shouldn't be shopping very long, and I know he is using that as an excuse to get in and out, but he could let me look around a little. Went to Target for prescriptions and I was wandering up and down the soap and health product aisles but after I got the prescription I wanted to go "look" and he said "no, you don't want to overdo it." grrrrr! He is more using that as an excuse not to hang around in a store so I can spend money.

I decided since I have all this free time, I am going to put together my stories and edit them, add to them and get together a collection of short stories to see if I can get it published. I have so much stuff that I've written over the years. It's in boxes, on computer disks, floppies, CDs. All over the place. People keep telling me I should publish my stuff, and I know they are right but I keep procrastinating.

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