Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Mr Mouse and my 15th birthday

I may have mentioned this before, but I collect mice. Not real ones, ceramic, glass and other types of sculpted mice. I have a couple hundred of them now and on display in a shadowbox that belonged to my grandmother. My first ceramic mouse that started the whole thing was given to me by my father. Its name is "Troubles" and he gave it to me when I was feeling sad, and frustrated.

My connection to artificial mice goes way back to when I was only 15 and my friends in high school took up a collection for my birthday and got me a giant stuffed purple mouse that I had to carry from class to class with me all day long. That was not a burden at all, because that mouse was a symbol to show that I HAD FRIENDS! That was one of my best birthdays. They brought me cards and gifts, paid for my lunch that day and gave me a corsage of flowers to wear on my dress. I wasn't very popular in school, and in fact was one of those who were frequently made fun of by the "cool" kids mainly for being too skinny, of all things! But, I still had loyal and fun friends and they were much nicer and kinder than any of those cool people.

Here is a photo of me with my grandparents after school that day in September 1969. (My grandma died a year later and is only 59 in this photo)
And here's the purple mouse my friends bought me that I had to carry from class to class:

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