Thursday, May 03, 2007

Unclogging writer's block

For the past several months I have had a problem with writer's block. I'm not talking about blog writing, but in the coming up with ideas for new short stories and poetry. I think the problem is that I spend a lot of time in blogland and reading on the internet and I need to get back to brainstorming ideas. It's hard to brainstorm and get the creative juices flowing when one is receiving a steady stream of input.

So, I made a decision today to get back at it and set aside hours during the day where I don't surf the net, don't blog, don't sit looking at YouTube videos, etc. It's time to get crackin' if I seriously want to write, and publish that book of short stories. No more slacking! All it will take is self-discipline and use the time during the day I have alone in silence to write. I can always blog when hubby gets home and starts blasting the television and people talking to me, etc. But during the day is going to have to become my writing time if I am going to have any hope of having any more of my stuff published.

I plan to be making new entries to My Writing Place blog, very soon.


susan said...

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Stardust said...

susan, thanks for the link.