Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Happy 27th Birthday Jeff!

Happy Birthday, Jeff! This is my middle son and his fiancee, Whitney. Also, there is a photo of Jeff at age 4. He has always been a happy guy, and when he smiles, his whole face smiles and his eyes squinch up. :-D He has a boisterous laugh that is contagious, always has. He laughed out loud at two days old. It was a real laugh, not gas like some might immediately assume. He has had a sense of humor since birth, and it's infectious. On the other hand, he has a Lithuanian/Irish temper that flares up fast, but quickly fades and he is back to his same smiley, silly self. :-O

Jeff is a person of multiple talents. He can draw, paint, paints miniature figures, plays the French Horn and is a good singer. He knows a lot about computers and is the one we all call for personal computer tech support. ;) He is also knowlegable about website design and computer graphics. Also, he has excellent math ability and is going to school now to earn his degree in accounting and plans to get his CPA. For the past three years he has had a very demanding job of driving a semi-truck, over the road and semi-regional/local. Typical work-weeks for him are 50-60 hours. A regular 40 hour schedule is like part-time to him. I hope that the career-change plans go well for him because he really needs to get out of the trucking industry where they abuse their drivers and treat them like slaves. He is too smart and talented to waste it in an industry that cares little for their employee's welfare.

Jeff has been through a lot in life, and has gotten through it all with determination and self-discipline...and of course has had lots of help and support from his sweetheart, Whitney. :-)


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uma said...

Awesome artwork generally, not only for a fourteen year old.